Daniel Prather Artist Interview for The Music Daily Show

Daniel Prather

Artist Interview October 2020

A couple of months into our Live Concert Streaming Series I asked Daniel Prather to expound upon about his musical background, wanting to know more about this enigmatic and talented artist.
“I would love to hear more about your musical background, instruments you play, your songs, or fun events that you have played in, tidbits to share with the group…” – Jenelle Aubade

His local friends and family call him “Bolo” or “Bo” by the way. =)

[Bolo Daniel Prather]
” Okay, I got my first guitar when I was 13, and I wrote or should say I experienced my first song when I was 17 while walking down a deserted beach on LSD, a choir of cloud beings were singing, Life is what you want it to be.
I mostly jammed with friends thru high school and realized I didn’t really want to learn cover songs and that what I admired about various artists was their unique sound and for me that was the only thing worth pursuing.
When I was 19 I began my study of yoga and became a teacher and discovered the rich music tradition of kirtan, call response music with spiritual intention. From then til now 90 percent of the places and people I have played with have been in that context and the songs I write are an expression of my personal journey on the path of spirit.
These songs come to me as a teaching or guidance and by sharing them it completes a process for me. So in this way I feel like songs are universal and we are all students of the Muse. So most of my performing experience has been in relationship with yoga retreats, wilderness retreats, working at yoga schools etc.
As far as instruments go, I can play in order of competence, guitar, ukulele, slide guitar, bass, keyboards, trap drums, and hand drums. Basically I can musically communicate with other musicians though I don’t read music. Ultimately I feel like music is being in and riding and expressing the moment. ”

  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • #UnityProject


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