Blazing Beach Bonfire of December Live Shows Music Daily Show with Hawley, Dearborn, Son Semilla, GEM, Fitz, Alf Ea, Kumbia Queens

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December’s warm audio glow for our ears, join us at the shows online at

Wednesday Dec 9th – Christopher Hawley Cali Roots Rock Originals!
Christopher Hawley is a Los Angeles based artist who combines inspiring lyrics and transcendent guitar work in well-crafted songs. He has performed from LA’s Greek Theatre to the local bars in your hometown.
With a great sense of melody, improvisation, and slide breaks a la Duane Allman, Eric Clapton, and Jerry Garcia, each show remains unique and continues to warm hearts everywhere. 
6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST

Saturday Dec 12th – Zoë Dearborn Art Rock – Acoustic Session
Zoë Dearborn will be sharing her songs on Saturday Dec. 12th at 4:20 PM from her home in Baja Calfornia Sur, Mexico.
Zoë is an art rock revolutionary!
3:20pm PST | 4:20pm MST | 5:20pm CST | 6:20pm EST

Monday Dec 14th – Son Semilla Azeneth García Zamora
Beautiful Rhythmic Music from the Soul of Mexico, this will be a set of music to set your mind to smiling and body to moving! Streaming live from San Jose del Cabo in Baja Sur.
6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST | 2am GMT

Tuesday Dec 15th – GEM Acoustic Duo (Green Eyed Misfits)
“Green Eyed Misfits (GEM) dabbles in genres such as folk rock, funk, blues, and soul. With the influences of Pink Floyd, Mt. Joy, Gary Clark Jr., Jimi Hendrix, and Houndmouth, they’ll keep your feet moving and blood pumping throughout the set.”
6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST | 2am GMT

Wednesday Dec 16th – Fitz, Webber, and Molloy (Wendy Fitz)
I always loved to sing but my parents wanted me to focus on playing an instrument, I think they were afraid I’d become a lounge singer, which is, of course, what I wanted to be!” – Wendy Fitz 
Fitz, Webber, and Molloy are a three piece acoustic Blues, Jazz, Contemporary, and Classic performance band with originals and covers to share that put you in the mood for a glass of vino and sunset, or maybe champagne and dancing the night away!

Thursday Dec 17th – Alf Ëa
“I love playing drums, bass, excited about guitar (electric, acoustic, ukulele and other strings) and singing.As an electronic music producer I play synth drum machines and software to create music. I also play silver flute, hang drum, and spent time in India learning to play the sitar.”
– Excerpt from the Music Daily Show interview with the musical artist Alf Ëa Music
6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST | 2am GMT

Tuesday Dec 22nd – Kumbia Queens Azeneth García Zamora
Kumbia Queens! Join band leader, West African Dance and Drum aficionado, Singer, Songwriter Azeneth and her band of amazingly talented Cumbia players (Daniela, Sofi, Natalie) for some authentic musical joy, streaming live from San Jose Del Cabo. Sunshine for your ear drums.
6pm PST | 7pm MST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST | 2am GMT

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Beautiful Shows on the Horizon … Dearborn, BeRn, GEM, Angelina Wolf rOck-tober Music Daily Show

Angelina Wolf News, Bern News, GEM news, Music Daily Show, Zoe Dearborn News

Some beautiful shows on the horizon for the Music Daily Community

Zoë & The Mischief SATURDAY 10/24 8pm mst

BeRnzy Mac BeRn SUNDAY 10/25 1pm mst

Green Eyed Misfits duo TUESDAY 10/27 7pm mst

Angelina Wolf FRIDAY 10/30 7pm mst