Fitz Webber and Molloy Live on the Music Daily Show Wed Nov 11th

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I always loved to sing but my parents wanted me to focus on playing an instrument, I think they were afraid I’d become a lounge singer, which is, of course, what I wanted to be!” – Wendy Fitz

“I also play piano trio with my partner in crime, Steve Webber on upright bass and our pal John Molloy on traps.” – Wendy Fitz

“When I was a young girl a friend of mine’s parents owned a
wonderful place called the Holiday House. It was a beach
getaway for lots of Hollywood romances. During the day the bar
was closed. My friend Erin and I would go in and play the grand
piano and sing. I never wanted to play Carnegie Hall, not that I
could have haha, I just want to play in “smokey bars” and that’s
a quote from an elementary school paper I had to write about
what I wanted to be when I grew up. I usually refer to the music I
choose as an unconscious collection of song because the songs
have always chosen me. I’ve always love the American
 so that’s a huge influence. I listened to a lot of early
blues, country and jazz
.” – Wendy Fitz

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