Alf Ëa Interview for the Music Daily Show

Alf Ëa

Artist Interview October 2020

Music Daily posed some inquisitive questions to the talented singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist supernova, Alf Ëa. Check it out!

When did you first become a musician? Your first instrument, song, moment, inspiration?
I started playing drums at the age of 9 playing RAMONES, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Damned, and The Clash that my father showed me, then after a few years i started with the guitar and bass influenced by grunge music and horror punk.
Around 11 years old i made my first punk rock band called (involucrados en la cripta de la rebeldia)

What are your current projects/bands/upcoming releases or music events you are excited about?
Currently i have a few projects, my sing songwriter psy folk ALF EA where y’all see me playing in this show, an album is in the oven really ethereal and also silly and happy i think is going to be great. Then i have another 2 projects at the moment.
Space Mariachi is my electronic music project, mixing downtempo and deep house with psychedelic frequencies and world music inspired of my trips around the world. Space Mariachi is perfect for dancing and loosing yourself in the wild dancing spirit like fairies.
Another project that excites me is a new forming band something like 50’s sweet dreamy music with wild 70’s psychedelic rock’n roll, wait to hear something soon.

What is Space Mariachi origins?
Space mariachi is a sci-fi character and is the protagonist of my electronic music project.
: Space mariachi covered in powder, at the foot of a cactus on the beach with something like a parachute, waking up without knowing where he is, looking for his spaceship or what is left of it.
Dirty and raw in nature in the desert by the sea he begins to walk day and night. He sees animals and uses strange artifacts that do not seem to work.
He arrives on a street in a small town in Mexico, exploring, and an old man invites him for a drink. He teaches him a little of his rustic world and in a way they come across some old horns and some record players in vinyl.
Space mariachi starts to fix them between grease, oil, parts of old watches, cables – he starts playing in the yard of the house of the old man who is already his friend, among the chickens with the grandmother of the family sitting on a white plastic chair, highlighting the folklore in an artistic and raw way, Space mariachi playing the track. Dreamers pay and little by little different characters arrive to dance, the neighbors arrive, the children and people dancing in trance without losing the folklore of that town mixed with the sci-fi world, they put a mariachi hat on it.

What instruments do you play and what is your main instrument or fav part to play in music?
i have like brahma, many faces, many personalities and i talk trough and with them separately. Luckily we all have a peaceful relationship. =)
I love playing drums, bass, excited about guitar (electric, acoustic, ukulele and other strings) and singing.
As an electronic music producer i play synth drum machines and software to create music. i also play silver flute, hang drum, and spent time in india learning to play the sitar.

Where are you from/raised and where have you traveled in your life so far?
i was born in Metepec a little time (then) 2 hours away from Mexico City and was raised in Cuernavaca Tepoztlan till i went traveling on my own for about 8 years non stop. i got to see many places throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, spent most time in Scandinavia and India Tho.

  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • #spacemariachi

Emerging from the depths, psychedelic melodramatic dreamy soothing music Alf Ëa Is a Psy-rock-folk Mexican musician.
Alf Ëa is a breaking through emerging musician bringing a fresh and brave voice and sound to flirting with 60-70s pure rock n roll expression after reaching the original fountains and motivation liberated expression mixed with his deep shamanic heritage and experience.
Alf Ëa is able to break mirrors walls and boundaries make an amazing sandwich with astral journey’s and heart frequencies you never tasted before!
Alf Ëa’s ART and music is an open invitation for a journey, deep, wild, pure and true. He has shared stage, and being played internationally In places like Mexico, Denmark, England, Sweden, Portugal, France, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Nepal.


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