#MUSICDAILYPRESS News – Zoe Dearborn Live for the Music Daily Show September 26th 2020

Music Daily Show, News, Zoe Dearborn News

Tune in to the Music Daily Show Live at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MusicDailyCommunity/ on Saturday Sept 26th 7pm MST to enjoy a live set performed by
Zoë Dearborn, streaming from Baja, Mexico. http://zoedearborn.net/

Zoë Dearborn is a rock-n-roll poet, expressive arts healer, improvisor, heart & soul revivalist, integrative philosopher, champion for the inside arts, student & teacher of the Self, child of the 70’s and mom in the process of reinventing motherhood.

As a multicreative artist, writer & performer, expressive arts therapist, creativity teacher & coach, Zoë is continually creating and developing her multifaceted approach to living life as art to help people discover their soul’s code and to create an authentic life of meaning that flows from deep, compassionate and creative inner work.

Zoë’s greatest loves, besides friends & family, people in general, especially children & even certain dogs, include: passionate & clever indie rock, dance of all varieties, comedy, improvisation, social practice art, fashion & graphic design, true deep stories, sad songs, mythology & Jungian psychology, children’s books, Fisher Price toys, tarot, embracing duality, inspiring documentaries, the open sky, wildflowers, hugs, creative collaborations and elegant theories that connect everything in the universe.”


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